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Revolutionary War Biography

Step One- Pick Your Person

Step Two- Sign up for your choice (rough draft stamped)

Step Three- Fill out the Presentation Outline (this must be stamped before you begin your presentation)

Step Four- Begin Slides in Google

  • Presentation title must be the full name of your person
  • Presentation slides must include the slide heading and information defined on rough draft
  • Bullet points are recommended....complete sentences are not necessary
  • Presentation must include a bibliography listing the websites used for information

Step Five- Peer Edit --pick a partner to review and suggest each other fix spelling mistakes that Google Docs identifies with red underline (rough draft must be stamped)

Step Six- Use Google Image Search to find appropriate images for each slide   (searches might be by the person's name, the name of a battle or event, the location, or some detail related to their sure images are historically appropriate)

Step Seven- Review design choices and add transitions

Step Eight- test your presentation

Step Nine- Share your presentation with your teacher, Mr. Butts, and others.....remember to UNCHECK notify people by email (guaranteed to make some teachers cranky ;-)